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Access Control System > TCP/IP Access Control > K6800

TCP/IP Access Control System

Krovision TCP/IP Access Control System with access control points unlimited, support cross-segment, cross-node hybrid access. 

Making full use of the existing Ethernet network to realize the communication link of access control system, making construction easy and shorten the construction period. 

Using a fast TCP / IP two-way communication mode, making reading card, alarm and other data can be uploaded quickly in less than 100ms to the management host, the data processing and response actions very fast. 

The controller supports dynamic port insert and pull out, the system can real time determine the controller online or offline, and to be reflected in the host. 
● Suitable for intelligent buildings, residential quarters, administrative agencies, offices building, industrial park, school, telecommunications base stations and other access control areas.
● Core Technology: K6812A/6814A is based on the ARM processor, DataFlash, and ferroelectric memory, onboard TCP / IP and RS485 communications, truly realize the access control networking.
● Data Capacity: 20000 card technology support, 100,000 event records , can be dynamically allocated.
● Reader Type: Support reader Wiegand 26-70, also support Motorola、HID、EM、Mifare reader etc..
● Support multiple open mode: card, card+password, password only, first card, multiplex card, multi-cards grouping open, duress/panic code, remote confirmation open etc.
●  Having functions such as, two-way reading card, anti-passback, can arm or disarm by reading card, Regional personnel statistics, reading card number limit, anti-tail multi-door interlock, real-time monitoring, e-map.
● Integrated smart card platform, access control, attendance, patrol etc. centralized management, project cost savings.

 K6800 series TCP/IP access controller, taking use of high-performance ARM CPU and TCP/IP communication mode, meanwhile retaining the RS485 interface, can be free combination network to meet the customers' different needs.
Standard access control special power, taking power separately from electric lock, which can be working 5 to 7 hours when power-down. At the same time, with a variety of system status monitoring and self-test function, the device operation status LED indicator light prompt facility etc., which can ensure the whole system safety and effective run, also bring convenience to engineering construction. In addition, the system design is distributed architecture, providing interfaces for other security systems, such as, can plug-in video surveillance equipment, automatic capturing photos when reading card, which is good for image comparison and better management.

The system has a maximum capacity of 250,000 card information, offline storage 500,000 event logs, can be run completely out of computer all day.
 Perfect memory data protection function.
All data, cardholder data and system parameters can be stored in the memory RAM.
     The access controller employ the most advanced DataFlash technology and ferroelectric memory, simply download the upgraded firmware to upgrad the old firmware, without changing the board structure
     The board comes with lithium batteries, data up time more than 10 years, with a variety of the system status monitoring and self-test function, such as, external power failure, the reader is damaged, illegally open the control box, data error, network exception, system reset etc., once one of the above circumstances appear, an immediate alarm signal will be sent out, and all records on the software will be saved.
     The controller has LED indicators display the status of output, communications, power etc., so that the maintenance workers do not need testing tools can glance the status of all devices.
     The hardware with auto-restart and manual reset button functions. Preset button to restore factory settings, restoring the hardware program to the factory settings.

 The TCP/IP access controller of the system at the same time with the functions of access control host and burglar alarm host.
Do not need special anti-theft alarm controller and management host, only need to increase the alarm software,together with on-site anti-theft alarm probe can achieve anti-theft alarm arm and disarm function.
     With the access control linkage with alarm to arm and disarm function, you can disarm by reading the authorized card to enter, and arm by reading the authorized card on the specified reader before leaving. The alarm device will be in a state of alert after arming, and by reading the general cards can not enter the door at this time.

 The system supports the common reader technology.
ncluding induction card, magnetic card, can carry keyboard, fingerprint etc..
     The system can automatically identify and support different formats of Wiegand reader & card, which compatible mode makes the needs of different occasions into reality.

 With two-door interlock function, support cross-controller multi-door interlock.
In the specified of a group of door, you can open a door in the same time. Under the condition of offline with the management computer, also can flexible implement cross the controller the interlock control of various access control points.

 Enable intelligent settings for the important door.
Such as Card + PIN, Fingerprint + PIN, duress code, super PIN, multi-card to open the door etc., 
you can set the number of “multi-card” in the same scope as your own. You can also set the function of master card and vice card, and the number of master card and vice card within a certain scope.

 The access control point blockade function can be set by software.
Can set some authorized card only along the designated access control points routes can open the door, otherwise refuse to open and send out an alarm signal.
     Can set after you enter into some specified access control area by reading card, you have to exit by reading card at the specific time, otherwise by reading card to go out will be failure.
     Can set the card will be invalid when achieve some set number of reading card, you can set the reading number according to the specified time, everyday, or specified using number in some specific time.
      All inputs and outputs can be freely set combination matchup relation, and can prepare complex logic functions. The outputs points and groups can also accept time and holidays control, automatic lock or unlock.

 Access control by time automatic discharge and control state switching.
When the door status is discharged, the door will be always open without reading card, but under the control states, open the door need read card. With the function of permissions automatic replacement, each card can select more than one permission, each permission can automatically take over by time.

 Automatic identification legal cards, automatic alarm for illegal card.
     Be able to real-time record in and out by reading and illegal card reading events, providing data for attendance management and other system, when reading card, the system can automatically call up the owners’ right, data and photo at once, it is convenient for the operator on duty timely check and identification.
Event filtering, you can choose what type of events to filter or save, the implementation of filter function can be by time.
Advanced dynamic electronic map and powerful functions.
Support display more than 500,000 event logs of access control and alarm monitoring,. Multi-states information display can set the map icon according to the actual conditions, real-time monitoring and automatically keep the records.
     The operator can unlock, lock and do other control on the e-map. When the door is unlock for a long time, there will be multimedia sound and light alarm signal sending out.

Making the closed-circuit monitoring system and burglar alarm system linkage come true.
When there is illegal open alarm, automatically start the video surveillance system of the corresponding region.
     When there is an anti-theft alarm, the system will automatically force to lock the related access door (reading card invalid) to ensure the safety of property.
     Can be linked with the fire alarm, for example, if there is an accident, there will be an alarm signal sent to the access control system, all the electromagnetic locks of the relevant areas will be automatically unlock, So that people can quickly escape.
     Can integrate to the elevator, coordinate with the elevator control panel to improve the safety management and control the elevator, the personnel only by reading card can enter to the corresponding floor.

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